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Admission to the European Policy-support-facility programme: Support to implement the necessary tools for: "Awareness and consideration of the benefits of the use of nature-based solutions in public spaces and buildings in the Region of Murcia".

With this European project, we are participating alongside another 38 local and regional authorities from 12 Member States of the European Union, and we have the opportunity to receive personalised support from two experts to advance the application of our climate change adaptation measures.

As part of this project, the Region of Murcia will receive support from two experts who will accompany our region on our journey towards resilience. They are: an expert in national governance, Mr Aurelio Escobar Escobar, and an expert in disaster risk reduction, Mr Magnus Qvant, and they will visit us twice throughout the project, staying three and two days respectively, whilst we hold various work and follow-up meetings with them and other associated participants.

Organisation responsible: 

Covenant of Mayors - Europe Office


Dirección General Territorio y Arquitectura

Servicio de Arquitectura

Start date: September 2022


Within the framework of the EACS of the Region of Murcia and in accordance with Action Line 13 "Implementation of Nature-based Solutions", and with the intention of developing tools that allow us to raise awareness among all the social strata of the population and power, it weighs in measurable values all the benefits that Nature-Based Solutions offer us and confirms its contribution to increasing the resilience of urban areas to the effects of climate change.