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Sustainable Construction and Architecture Strategy

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Sustainability in the building process

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Strategic objectives

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Lines of action

Sustainable Construction
and Architecture Strategy

The Sustainable Construction and Architecture Strategy (EACS) has been developed as part of the Circular Economy Strategy for the Region of Murcia 2030 (ESECIRM) in response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Urban Agenda 2030 of the European Union.

The EACS is the roadmap for the transition from a linear economic model to a circular one in the region's building sector.

The strategy covers all phases of the building process: product, construction, use and end of life of buildings, all from the perspective of, and with the support of a sustainable city model.

The EACS is a coordination and cooperation platform for all actors involved, and its aim is to provide support and backing for actions that promote and encourage the design of sustainable, healthy and environmentally friendly buildings.

Link: EACS - Sustainable construction and architecture strategy (PDF file 4.1MB)

Link: Introducing the EACS

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In order to bring together existing knowledge on the subject, not only in the Region of Murcia, but also outside of it, the diagnosis on the current sustainable construction and architecture situation has been carried out through an eminently participative process. For this, in the strategy's first phase of development, a Technical Panelwas established, as an advisory body that brought together the main regional players involved in the design, construction, use and demolition of buildings. Also included in the panel were those responsible for urban planning, who can have such an impact on the sustainability of the building process.

The Technical Panel  de la EACS includes representatives of the regional and local administrations, teaching and research staff, the business sector, professionals and technicians, and citizen and user representatives.

It thus covers all of the fields of knowledge necessary to produce a change in the construction process.

Link: EACS – Composition of the Technical Panel (JPG file 552KB)

Link: EACS Annex – Methodology for producing the diagnosis (PDF file 1.78MB)