Asset 7

Sustainable Construction and Architecture Strategy

Asset 7

Sustainability in the building process

Asset 7

Strategic objectives

Asset 7

Lines of action

Sustainability in the building

A sustainable building is planned, designed, built and managed with criteria that help to optimise resources and minimise impacts on the environment.

These buildings maintain their value over a longer period of time, they are healthy and efficient, and therefore they provide benefits to the environment and society.

Their design takes into account all of the processes involved in their full life cycle: manufacturing of materials, construction process, use, maintenance and demolition. Their focus is on reducing the use of material resources, energy and water consumption, waste and environmental impacts.

Also taken into account are the re-use and, el recycling of materials,, el smart maintenance of buildings, and the efficient renovation, deconstruction or dismantling of those buildings.

Similarly, efficient planning of the land is carried out, as well as activities for urban regeneration and renaturalisation of public spaces, as a foundation for healthier, more inhabitable, resilient and sustainable cities..

Link: EACS - Strategic and Reference Framework (PDF File 2.16MB)